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About HDBI

Healthy by Design Building Institute (HDBI) is a specialized building standard Accreditor, awarding buildings across the globe with the IMMUNE Building Standard™, the world’s first standard to address the immunity of our built environment.

At HDBI, we believe that health is the foundation of a sustainable and safer future. This is why we have built an innovative standard to boost the immunity of buildings and we are leading a global trend for healthier built environment by design.

For this, HDBI delivers a turn-key solution for any building owner, landlord or tenant to take lead and create the healthy buildings of the future that place people’s health and wellness at their core. Through IMMUNE Building Standard™, we redefine the workplace and empower business leaders and people to take part in designing a better tomorrow.

Certification Process

The Accreditor - Healthy by Design Building Institute - can award a building one of the three IMMUNE™ labels based on an extensive compliance report provided by an authorized building Assessor, an independent third-party company specialized in the field of sustainable building design, development, and certification.

The IMMUNE™ certification is based on an Assessment Scoring Index consisting of a set of 135 recommended measures, technical solutions, and facility management practices to certify the level of resilience of a building to present and future health challenges.

Any building owner or tenant can consult the list of measures and implement them in their workspace - entirely or partially, as needed – and then follow the Assessment Scoring Index to independently evaluate the level of resilience of the assessed building against health threats. 

To receive an IMMUNE™ certification, an authorized assessor will evaluate the building based on the Assessment Scoring Index. 

The Assessor is trained by the Accreditor to verify how the architectural engineering and design measures were implemented in the assessed building and how the Facility Management (FM) team is implementing the perpetual and ready to activate operational practices.

Each measure earns a number of points and based on the total score the building will be awarded with one of the three IMMUNE™ labels:

STRONG – equivalent of 3 stars, based on a scoring between 55% and 70% received during the assessment

POWERFUL – equivalent of 4 stars, based on a scoring between 71% and 85% received during the assessment

RESILIENT – equivalent of 5 stars, based on a scoring of over 85% received during the assessment

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