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Liviu Tudor: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, through Vision and Innovation

Born on March 21st 1961, Liviu Tudor is one of the most renowned Romanian entrepreneurs, having accumulated over 25 years of successful projects. He is founder of the real estate investment and development company Genesis Property, which owns Novo Park and West Gate Business District - two class A office campuses in Bucharest. The two business campuses offer a rentable surface of over 150.000 square meters, are designed at the highest industry standards and host the offices of multinational companies such as HP, Ericsson, Siemens, Accenture, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, Alpha Bank, Garanti BBVA, Infineon, Luxoft or Yokogawa.

Together with his wife, Monica Tudor, Liviu Tudor has built the largest private student campus in Romania - West Gate Studios, which hosts 1800 Romanian and foreign students each year. Liviu Tudor holds a degree in aeronautics as a graduate of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and has taken specialty courses at the London Business School. The entrepreneur’s passion for innovation was manifested long before entering the real estate sector, when he founded the first satellite communications company in Romania.

Liviu Tudor holds a PhD in Management with the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest and is currently presiding over several prestigious organizations such as: Romanian Association of Building Owners (RABO) and  European Property Federation (EPF). The international organization headquartered in Brussels represents the most prestigious European association and reunites commercial building owners with a combined value of over 1,500 billion Euros.

The entrepreneur is also a member of the Trilateral Commission, a global platform dedicated to open dialogue, of the World Presidents’ Organization (YPO/WPO), and General Secretary of the Romanian Association for the Rome Club (ARCoR). This organization has undertaken the mission to tackle the multiple crises that humankind and the planet are facing in our times, an objective which aligns with Liviu Tudor’s vision. The sanitary, social and business-related challenges brought on by the year 2020 determined Liviu Tudor to turn to innovation once more, in order to create a solution to one of the most unpredictable crises that have affected humanity.



This time, the entrepreneur has reunited a team of 20 experts from fields related to health, technology, architecture, construction, engineering and facility management. The result materialized through IMMUNE Building Standard™, an innovative global standard that can help certify the resilience of public buildings against pathogenic threats such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the 135 security measures included, Liviu Tudor seeks to generate a momentous change in the real estate sector, through the creation and expansion of healthy buildings.

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