Menarco Tower from Bonifacio Global City achieves IMMUNE Building Standard™ - 5 stars - Shell & Core

August 18, 2022. Menarco Tower, a multi-awarded boutique office development situated in Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila, managed and owned by one of the most innovative real estate developers in the country, Menarco Development, obtained a 5-star IMMUNE Building Standard™ certification for Shell & Core. 

IMMUNE Building Standard™ was developed by Genesis Property and launched to address health threats to the built environment caused by the pandemic event. The standard was globally adopted by companies around the world to strengthen their commitment in having healthier buildings for both the present and the future. The standard reached Asia in June and continues to gain recognition in the region

“I want to congratulate the entire Menarco Development team for their authentic passion and positive energy put in the certification process. Achieving the IMMUNETM 5 stars – Resilient for Shell & Core label demonstrates their team’s extraordinary strive for excellence, good practices, and respect for their business. ­Sometimes it takes a pandemic for people from different corners of the globe to work together and achieve wonderful things. The highest IMMUNE Building Standard™ label certification for Menarco Tower translates into a collective commitment for healthy buildings, but also a contribution to a healthier world”, said Liviu Tudor, founder of Genesis Property and president of the European Property Federation.

Menarco Tower has a gross floor area of 25,876 sqm and 32 floors, and outdoor activities are encouraged and recommended at the Pandan Terrace, there are also bicycle parking and shower areas. The entrances of Menarco Tower have disinfection systems, air barriers, mats, and disinfection stations. The restrooms are equipped with sensors for lights, faucets, and hand dryers. 

The building has MERV 13 filtered fresh air that maintains CO2 levels at below 500 PPM, verified and continuously monitored by Air Quality Sensors. Moreover, the office building has a Green Cleaning Policy where only compliant chemicals, cleaning materials, and cleaning processes are being used. On top of that, all materials flowing into the building are evaluated from a sustainability perspective.

"From day one, Menarco Development Corporation has designed, built and provided only the safest and healthiest spaces and experiences to every person we have touched. We are honored that Menarco Tower is Asia’s first recipient of the IMMUNE™ Resilient certification, the highest rating from the Healthy by Design Institute. This recognition certifies that our safe spaces are ready for present or future threats posed by Covid or any similar future events. Building better spaces that provide peace of mind for all, that is our ultimate goal", said Carmen Jimenez-Ong, Founder & CEO, Menarco Development Corporation.

IMMUNE™ is based on a practical investment in a Healthy by Design System (HbDS), which incorporates a network of specialized sensors that measure the indoor environment parameters such as air, humidity, temperature, or CO2 levels, devices and available technologies.

“We are very happy to have a strong partnership with Menarco Development Corporation in Asia and share the mission of creating healthy indoor spaces for our staff, our tenants and partners. At HDBI, we are very proud to demonstrate once again that IMMUNE™ is a serious proposition for any company that wants to be prepared for the health challenges of the future”, said Darren Allen, Director at Healthy by Design Building Institute.

The standard also recommends a set of measures embedding dedicated personnel such as the IMMUNE™ Steward, and new amenities, promoting operational and health rules. An authorized building assessor performs the evaluation and recommends a property to become IMMUNE™-certified with one of the three labels: Strong (3 stars), Powerful (4 stars) or Resilient (5 stars).

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